Episode 91: Yukon Photographer Ruth Borgfjord

Welcome to Episode 91; the April 2013 podcast of My Yukon Life podcast radio. Our special guest on this episode is a woman who’s originally from Romania. It was there that Ruth Borgfjord met the love of her life, a Canadian boy, and together they moved to the Yukon. They got good paying, secure government […]

Episode 90: Iditarod Musher Michelle Phillips & Ed Hopkins

For this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio I was in downtown Anchorage, Alaska on the second of this month for the Ceremonial start of this year’s Iditarod. The next day I was standing beside the chute for the official restart of the race when 66 teams headed for Nome, 1,000 miles away. Michelle Phillips […]

Episode 89: Jorg Michel, Vintage Motorcycle Tours

On this episode, we’re going to meet a man in Tagish who’s originally from Germany. His love of vintage motorcycles not only brought him here but it’s made him a fixture around town. Patrick Brown, longtime listener of My Yukon Life podcast radio, is now a resident of Tagish, along with his wife. Patrick is […]

Episode 88: Yukon Musician Elvis Presley

January’s special guest on My Yukon Life podcast radio is none other than Elvis Aaron Presley, currently residing in Ross River, Yukon. Many years ago I happened to be in Dawson City when he was performing at the Snake Pit Bar. The place was packed and the crowd had spilled into the street. I couldn’t […]

Episode 87: Author John Firth & Musher Newton Marshall

This month’s podcast episode of My Yukon Life features special guest, author John Firth. During our discussion about his book One Mush, John talks about the journey Jamaican Iditarod sled dog musher Newton Marshall is taking to learn how to read and write. Newton joins us too, and reveals how only recently learning to read […]

Episode 86: To Live & Die in the Yukon

The circle of life includes death. As they say, it’s as unavoidable as taxes and discussions about religion or politics. But in the far north, there are practical considerations. How do you bury a coffin when the ground is frozen, possibly down to bedrock, and it’s minus 40 degrees? During the 1898 gold rush when […]