Episode 90: Iditarod Musher Michelle Phillips & Ed Hopkins

For this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio I was in downtown Anchorage, Alaska on the second of this month for the Ceremonial start of this year’s Iditarod. The next day I was standing beside the chute for the official restart of the race when 66 teams headed for Nome, 1,000 miles away.

Michelle Phillips of Tagish Lake Kennel drew bib number 7, for this, her fourth Iditarod. Michelle, who lives in Tagish, Yukon has been on My Yukon Life podcast radio before. So has her partner and fellow musher Ed Hopkins.

Ed entered this year’s Yukon Quest after having been gone from it the last several years. The Yukon Quest is a thousand miles long. This year it began in Whitehorse, Yukon and finished in Fairbanks, Alaska. Because of its difficulty, just finishing the race is considered a major achievement. It was Ed’s sixth quest, and he placed 11th out of the 26 teams that started it. Six of those teams weren’t able to finish.

For this episode of My Yukon Life, I spoke with Ed immediately following the race.

Also on this episode is Michelle Phillips. A few days before starting her fourth Iditarod, I sat down with Michelle. She’d just won the Yukon Quest 300, beating Aliy Zirkle by only 8 seconds. The closest team behind them was 12 hours back. Michelle Phillips talks about that race, and the upcoming Iditarod.

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