Episode 7: Faro, Yukon Mayor Heather Campbell

(Originally aired live)

In 2005, life needed to change for Heather Campbell. The choices were stay put in the big city, go to Russia for three months, take a job at The Hague, or make French fries on the highway in Pelly Crossing. Making French fries seemed the logical choice. Now, six years later, she’s just another story about a city girl coming under the spell of the Yukon.

From Pelly Crossing to Mayo to Faro, Heather’s found true love on the Yukon River, built a successful First Nation Consulting business, bought and renovated a beautiful home, and in 2009, was elected as the Town of Faro’s Mayor. Next on the agenda; getting married, completing her Class 6 driver’s license (not necessarily in that order) and heading down the newly chip sealed Campbell Highway on her custom Kawasaki motorcycle.

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