Episode 65: Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies

This week on My Yukon Life podcast radio I take you 3,000′ above ground level to a cabin atop Jubilee Mountain overlooking Tagish and the surrounding areas. It’s not just any cabin– it’s the firewatch location where Ken Matthies is in charge of making sure no wildfires go unnoticed. Ken has hundreds of square miles to watch over, and he does it for at least eight hours a day in a 50′ high tower inside a 6’x6′ room. When it’s a high-alert situation, Ken might work even longer hours for almost three weeks straight. Think you have what it takes to do Ken’s job? (Oh, did I mention the mountain has the highest percentage of bears in the entire Yukon?) Judge for yourself after you listen to this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio.


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  1. Chuck Myra says:

    Great interview! I can certainly appreciate Ken’s responsbility. He is the first line of defense so a lot of peopled depend on him to get the word out quickly. I would love to see a Grizzly bear, but if I saw a porcupine that big, I would head for the hills! Welll….already in the hills, so guess head for town? I love sitting by radio…errr, phone and listening to your pod casts! Great stuff! Thank you so much……….

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