Episode 58 Retired RCMP Constable Bill Pringle

Have you ever seen the old TV show from the 1950’s called Sergeant Preston of the Yukon? Canadian Mountie Sgt. Preston patroled the wilds of the Yukon with his horse Rex and his faithful dog Yukon King, battling both the elements and criminals. That’s the official description of the show.

Retired Constable Bill Pringle lives in Carcross, Yukon. There are about 700 people living there. When it was even smaller, Bill called it home as well as his office. But during his long career in the RCMP, Bill was posted to many locations. And several were much smaller and much more remote than Carcross.

His dining room overlooks Bennett Lake. During the gold rush stamped of 1898, many thousands of people sailed across Bennett Lake on their way to Dawson City, including Jack London. After London left the Yukon, he became famous for his stories about the north.

Bill Pringle has many interesting stories to tell about life in the Far North, except they happened to him, and they aren’t fiction. He shares some of those stories with us on this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio.


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    • Murray, thank you for letting us know. I hadn’t heard the news. He will absolutely be missed. I really enjoyed being around Bill and hearing his stories. Such a humble man and a fantastic story teller.

      • I’m very grateful to have been able to once again listen to your interview before I went to the service today. Being able to hear his voice one more time was wonderful. Thank you.

        • You’re very welcome, Murray. I felt honoured that Bill took the time to share his stories with us, and I feel honoured now that I’ll be able to share some of his life and history (and voice) with the world long after he’s left us.

  1. Bill has a lot to tell and I’d love to hear more! Fascinating stories! Sounds like he needs to write a book (and hope he has!). Thanks for sharing this one! :)

  2. Hi Jennifer, great interview! Bill Pringle has some fascinating stories, for sure. And he was born in Boston too! Can’t thank you enough for these interviews. My Yukon Life is the best!!

    • Chuck, my pleasure. Thanks for listening, and an extra thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy the show!

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