Episode 42: Yukon Bush Pilot, Historian & Author Bob Cameron

Bob Cameron is an icon in the world of Yukon aviation. He earned his private pilot’s license in 1961, followed by his commercial license in 1970. Retired from commercial flying since 2001, Bob remains just as focused on flying as ever. Recognized as an expert in aviation history, he’s currently at work on a book that will be released next year about an all but forgotten airline that was based in the Yukon but owned by an American railroad company.

Bob will take us on a VIP tour of the Transportation Museum in Whitehorse where he’ll reveal some of the forgotten relics of aviation history, including a Fairchild aircraft that Bob is restoring. He also shares stories about growing up in a flying family and shares anecdotes about some of the pioneers of Yukon aviation.

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  1. Awesome broadcast…tough to be a pilot up there…we rode our motorcycles in the Yukon this summer….we LOVED it.

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