Episode 41: Yukon Musician Nicole Edwards (Part Two)

Part one of our visit with Nicole from last week is available on the podcast page of our website at http://www.myyukonlife.com/podcasts/episode-40-yukon-musician-nicole-edwards-part-one/.

Nicole Edwards is an outstanding vocalist and songwriter despite the challenges she’s faced over the years. Nicole was diagnosed with Scleroderma. If you’re not familiar with it, Scleroderma is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease. For Nicole, it’s resulted in a hardening of her fingers and hands. It means she can no longer play guitar or flute. It’s also affected her lungs and ability to breathe.

What causes Scleroderma is unknown, and there’s no cure. The prognosis varies. In some cases, the chance of surviving five years is 70%. Ten year survival drops to 55%. Having been diagnosed 10 years ago already, Nicole is beating those odds. What’s even more amazing is her consistently positive attitude. Her music is moving and compelling.

On this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, we conclude our visit with Nicole in her home outside of Whitehorse. We hear her story firsthand, and in addition to her original music, she treats us to wonderful cover tunes of such classics as La Vie en Rose.


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