Episode 33: with Underwater Explorer Doug Davidge

Doug Davidge is the owner and operator of Underwater Video North which is based in Whitehorse. He uses what’s called a remote operated vehicle to take video images deep underwater, or even under ice, to discover and sometimes recover what can’t be accessed any other way. Doug has used the ROV to find World War II aircraft, military ordnance, and even previously undiscovered fish species. He’s also been instrumental in finding underwater shipwrecks from the days of the gold rush. Doug will share some of those stories with us, and explain how the ROV works.


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2 Responses to Episode 33: with Underwater Explorer Doug Davidge

  1. Alex Davidge says:

    Just listened to your podcast since you were featuring my dad this week. I just wanted to let you know I thouroughly enjoyed it and you did an awesome job. I’m not living in the Yukon at the moment, but miss it quite a bit. I love keeping in touch and updated with everything up north and plan on tuning into your podcast on a regular basis! Great work!!

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