Episode 18: with Yukon Fly-Tyer Claudia MacPhee

We first introduced Claudia MacPhee to My Yukon Life listeners during our April 4 episode when she revealed the secrets to creating her unique pottery, dog hair clothing, and hand-tied fishing flies.

On this episode of My Yukon Life, Claudia goes more in-depth in sharing the magic of her fly-fishing flies—how she makes them, the materials she uses and tips on catching monster-sized fish that only a seasoned angler can provide.

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2 Responses to Episode 18: with Yukon Fly-Tyer Claudia MacPhee

  1. Joanne Burke says:

    I bought a beautiful piece of Claudia’s pottery when we were visiting Carcross. Unfortunately and to my dismay it broke enroute on my return to Windsor, Ontario. I am so disappointed and want to know if there is a location in Ontario where I might purchase more of Claudia’s pottery.

    Thanks so much.

    Joanne Burke

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