Episode 15: Yukon Trapper Norman Winther

A Yukon trapper who portrayed himself in the docu-drama, “The Last Trapper,” Norman shares some his experiences as a trapper with listeners of My Yukon Life. We also learn the story behind the making of the movie.

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  1. Hey! I don’t know if it’s too late or nah, I just wanted to say that this movie changed my whole world, seriously.
    Before the start, I’m almost 17, and I love living in pure nature, away from all the cities and engines and smoke, and I hunt, and I fish, but I still live in a city, and for now, I can’t do much thing about it.
    I remember, I watched my favorite movie, The Last Trapper, 2 or 3 years ago from tv, and I just felt, I can’t live like this! And it was true. Ican’5 live like this. This attitude was made in me by the movie, and it hasn’t gone away, it’s even gotten stronger and bigger.
    So, I decided to set my goals to finally live in nature and stay on my very own feet. But I can’t, you know. In this situation, with people distroying nature and killing animal, we won’t survive. No one will. We are distroying nature with ourselves, too.
    I don’t know if I’m right, but is there still a chance to be able to live like Norman Winther, or any othe HUMAN in the Nature?
    Don’t get me wrong, I just found your website, and from the comments I guess I’m talking with “Jennifer”, I’m thanking you for your beautiful work, and it means a lot to us.
    Thank you for readin my comment!

    • You’re very welcome, Aryan. I’m glad you’re enjoying some of the best things that the Yukon has to offer. I suspect though, you may find some of what you’re seeking closer to home, even if it means finding it within yourself.

  2. I watched the ‘Last Trapper’ and just fell in love with the area, the life, the love of life. Some people spend their whole lives and never experience what true life is about – im one of them – living in Sheffield, UK – we have beautiful countryside and i love it dearly – but the GREAT wilderness looks like just something else. If i could afford it, and could spend time in the area, make friends, learn the way of living – i would do it at the drop of an hat!
    Norman – if the film is a true representation of your personality – you are a good genuine bloke! What a life you have lived!

  3. Just came back to say that the film title credits Nornan’s voice as that of Al Goulem. Never noticed that one before ’til tonight , yet I thought Norman’s voice sounded a little different here on your broadcast..

    ps. There’s French ( France) radio station on the MW wave band here in europe which plays the signature tune to the Last Trapper film just about every night very late, it’s beautiful.

  4. Hello,
    It’s the middle of the night here in Europe and I’m watching one of my favourite movies “The Last Trapper”, the dvd which i picked up for only Euro 2.99 in the discount bucket of a store on the railway station one commute home some years ago ( in this flat and uninspiring part of the world)

    I’ve watched the film so many times i can’t count, and for a change this time i decided to do an internet search for Norman Winther, which brought me to your website here. So I’ve listened and enjoyed Your show, the great song at the beginning and thank You for the interview with Norman. Thank Norman too. He has inspired me to go search how to build log-cabins, real ones not kits, and to read up on other skills of the “bush”.
    Whether I’ll ever be able to afford to visit your great part of the world i do not know, yet I will certainly be listening to more of your radio and pod-casts, you can bet on that . You can’t imagine, and don’t want to know, the trash broadcast on many national radio stations.
    I tried to catch the title and author of the book to which you refer in this show at the beginning yet could not get it. Could You help with that please ?
    Loved the bit how Your Mom phoned in at the beginning !

    • Bryan, thank you for your support of My Yukon Life. You sure got a deal on The Last Trapper! Not sure what book you’re referring to in the podcast with special guest Norman Winther. I just re-listened to the episode and didn’t catch the reference to it. Perhaps you were thinking of a different podcast, when Jason Barron, author of Ballad of the Northland, phoned into the show?

      • Thank You Jennifer,
        At the beginning of this, the only podcast i had listened to at time of posting here, episode #15 of date jun 21, you refer to the favourite book of all time called “Blue Highways”(well it sounded like that to me) by William . . . . and I couldn’t get the surname of the author.
        This is definitely the same podcast as Nornan Winther interview.
        thank You again Jennifer. You make it sound like a good read, and i just wanted to follow up on your recommendation.


        • Ahh, yes. Thank you for the clarification, Bryan. The title is Blue Highways and it was written by William Least Heat-Moon. One of my all-time favorite books.

          • Thank You again Jennifer,
            I searched the ‘net with the information which You have given to me, and Mr. Wiiliam Least Heat-Moon (aka. William Lewis Trogdon) and his books are well documented, with the great reviews too.
            I’ll follow this up for sure.
            Have great weekend.

  5. I just watched “The Last Trapper” on a TV show in Japan and I was totally blown away. It really made me dream of paying a visit to your city someday in the future… and thanks so much for sharing this. It was a very interesting interview.

    • Mario, the song “The Whippoorwill” in that episode was written and performed by Annie Lou from their self-titled Album Annie Lou. Thank you for listening to My Yukon Life podcast radio!

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