Episode 66: Gold Mining Stories

On this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, I share stories with you from The Yukoner Magazine, now out of print and sorely missed by Yukoners everywhere. Old copies of the magazine are hard to find. Most people who kept theirs won’t tell you because they don’t want to risk you borrowing them and not bringing them back. In a way, I guess you could say they’re as good as gold.

Yukoner Sam Holloway, who edited and printed them on his old style printing press did an amazing job with the magazine. But I’m guessing that even placer mining would have been more lucrative for him. Sam is now an electrician, a good one and very much in demand. He’s been promising to be on My Yukon Life, but his customers won’t let him leave Ross River so he can come home. And even as an electrician he doesn’t make enough money. But that’s because he doesn’t charge enough.

By special arrangement, audio copies of selected stories from The Yukoner Magazine are now available for download through My Yukon Life‘s online store. That’s great news for old and new fans of The Yukoner Magazine so be sure to visit our website.

On this week’s episode of My Yukon Life I read you a few stories from the magazine—and since the theme of this show is gold—you’ll hear from a few Yukoners who got the gold fever and decided to try their hand at placer mining.


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