July-September 2012

Episode 78: Captain Dick Stevenson & the Sourtoe Cocktail

This week on My Yukon Life podcast radio, our special guest is the original Captain Dick Stevenson who created the Sourtoe Cocktail Club of Dawson City. By now, you may have heard that the toe used in the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail … Continue reading

Episode 82: Dr. Candace Stuart, DVM

Candace Stuart, DVM worked in Alaska and Northern British Columbia before settling in Whitehorse in 2004. Candace opened All Paws Veterinary Clinic in 2010 to provide the utmost veterinary care in a cozy, home-like environment. She’s also our special guest … Continue reading

Episode 81: Tagish Volunteer Fire Department

Large cities across North America have well-equipped full-time firefighters on call and ready to respond within minutes. Here in Tagish, with a population that hovers around 200, we have a volunteer fire department. On this week’s episode of My Yukon … Continue reading

Episode 80: Yukon Life Q&A Vol 2

On this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, it’s volume two in our series of questions and answers about life in the Yukon. Interviewing the host, Jennifer Hawks, is one of the show’s listeners: Chuck lives in Boston and … Continue reading

Episode 79: Yukon Civil Air Search & Rescue Association

Our special guests are Randy Shewen and Jamie Tait. Randy heads up the Yukon chapter of CASARA, or Civil Air Search and Rescue Association. Operationally, CASARA works for the Canadian military. In addition to his volunteer work as an administrator, … Continue reading

Episode 77: George Balmer Survival Tips

George Balmer is a bush pilot who’s been on our show before. He was our special guest for Episode 67 when he took me flying in his homebuilt Van’s RV-8 two-seater aerobatic plane. You can listen to that episode on … Continue reading

Episode 76: Yukon Life Q&A Vol. 1

At My Yukon Life podcast radio, we often receive emails from listeners with questions about life in the Yukon. Time permitting; I answer them on the show and on our Facebook page. This week, we’re dedicating an entire episode to … Continue reading

Episode 75: The MacBride Museum

I take you inside the MacBride Museum in downtown Whitehorse for a VIP tour. We’ll learn more about the infamous 1898 Klondike Gold Rush and I’ll even try my hand at some gold panning while our guide offers tips and … Continue reading

Episode 74: Yukon Bush Pilot Rick Nielsen

You’re probably familiar with the late actor and comedian, Leslie Nielsen. Did you know he was a Canadian? And though he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, he actually never flew airplanes. It’s ironic then that his … Continue reading

Episode 73: Yukon Musician Fawn Fritzen

Our special guest is classic jazz musician Fawn Fritzen. She shares her Yukon life with My Yukon Life listeners and performs one of her original tunes for us; a sneak peak into her next CD. This podcast is sponsored by … Continue reading

Episode 72: Paddlers Abreast: Who We Are

This week’s special guests on My Yukon Life podcast radio are several members of Paddlers Abreast, a team of women who compete in the grueling Yukon River Quest, an annual event that covers many miles of river over a period of several days. During … Continue reading

Episode 71: 2012 Atlin, BC Fly-In

Highlights from this last weekend’s fly-in at Atlin, British Columbia. I take you with me on a flight above Atlin Lake in a 1943 Beechcraft Staggerwing biplane. We also hear from two kids who took their first ride ever in … Continue reading

Episode 70: Canada Eh Tourism & Travel Websites

Do you dream of someday visiting the Yukon, but you’re just not sure where to go and what you should see? Greg Girard is here this week from the network of Canada Eh Tourism & Travel websites. He’s going to … Continue reading

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