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Episode 86: To Live & Die in the Yukon

The circle of life includes death. As they say, it’s as unavoidable as taxes and discussions about religion or politics. But in the far north, there are practical considerations. How do you bury a coffin when the ground is frozen, … Continue reading

Episode 85 Yukon Life Q&A Vol 3

This week’s episode of My Yukon Life is Volume 3 in our Q&A series when a listener of the show turns the tables and interviews me about life in the Yukon. Our interviewer this time is Sam Converse who lives … Continue reading

Episode 82: Dr. Candace Stuart, DVM

Candace Stuart, DVM worked in Alaska and Northern British Columbia before settling in Whitehorse in 2004. Candace opened All Paws Veterinary Clinic in 2010 to provide the utmost veterinary care in a cozy, home-like environment. She’s also our special guest … Continue reading

Episode 81: Tagish Volunteer Fire Department

Large cities across North America have well-equipped full-time firefighters on call and ready to respond within minutes. Here in Tagish, with a population that hovers around 200, we have a volunteer fire department. On this week’s episode of My Yukon … Continue reading

Episode 79: Yukon Civil Air Search & Rescue Association

Our special guests are Randy Shewen and Jamie Tait. Randy heads up the Yukon chapter of CASARA, or Civil Air Search and Rescue Association. Operationally, CASARA works for the Canadian military. In addition to his volunteer work as an administrator, … Continue reading

Episode 77: George Balmer Survival Tips

George Balmer is a bush pilot who’s been on our show before. He was our special guest for Episode 67 when he took me flying in his homebuilt Van’s RV-8 two-seater aerobatic plane. You can listen to that episode on … Continue reading

Episode 76: Yukon Life Q&A Vol. 1

At My Yukon Life podcast radio, we often receive emails from listeners with questions about life in the Yukon. Time permitting; I answer them on the show and on our Facebook page. This week, we’re dedicating an entire episode to … Continue reading

Episode 74: Yukon Bush Pilot Rick Nielsen

You’re probably familiar with the late actor and comedian, Leslie Nielsen. Did you know he was a Canadian? And though he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, he actually never flew airplanes. It’s ironic then that his … Continue reading

Episode 70: Canada Eh Tourism & Travel Websites

Do you dream of someday visiting the Yukon, but you’re just not sure where to go and what you should see? Greg Girard is here this week from the network of Canada Eh Tourism & Travel websites. He’s going to … Continue reading

Episode 69: Yukon Fishing Expert Dennis Zimmerman

On this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, I take local fishing expert Dennis Zimmerman and listeners to a few of my favorite spots in search of monster-sized Northern pike and Arctic grayling. We’ll fish beneath the Midnight Sun … Continue reading

Episode 65: Firetower Lookout Ken Matthies

This week on My Yukon Life podcast radio I take you 3,000′ above ground level to a cabin atop Jubilee Mountain overlooking Tagish and the surrounding areas. It’s not just any cabin– it’s the firewatch location where Ken Matthies is … Continue reading

Episode 62: First Nations Elder Ida Calmegane

Ida Calmegane is a Deshitan of the Crow Clan and respected Elder of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. She shares with us a traditional Tagish story handed down to her from her grandmother. Three of the four people associated with the 1898 … Continue reading

Episode 61: UFO Investigator Lorraine Bretlyn

UFOs have been reported numerous times in the Yukon over the years. In one of the local Whitehorse newspapers, you’ll find an ad in the Personals for the UFO Hot Line. It says, “Report Yukon UFOs, bigfoot, spirit, etc.” A … Continue reading

Episode 60: Yukon Author Michael Gates

Our special guest is author and historian Michael Gates. Michael was one of our guests on Episode 23: Rediscovering Tagish Post about the 1898 gold rush stop for miners passing through Tagish on their way to Dawson City. Michael read … Continue reading

Episode 58 Retired RCMP Constable Bill Pringle

Have you ever seen the old TV show from the 1950’s called Sergeant Preston of the Yukon? Canadian Mountie Sgt. Preston patroled the wilds of the Yukon with his horse Rex and his faithful dog Yukon King, battling both the … Continue reading

Episode 56: Northern Lights & Swans

We focus this week on the Northern Lights. Photographer Heather Jones, whose photos of the Northern Lights are often posted on My Yukon Life’s Facebook page, offers tips on capturing the lights on film. We also hear from a company … Continue reading

Episode 55: Yukon Author and Publisher Graham Wilson

Our special guest is author Graham Wilson. He’s the author of half a dozen historical books about the Yukon and Alaska, including The Klondike Gold Rush: Photographs from 1896-1899. He’s also the owner of the Yukon independent publishing house Friday 501. … Continue reading

Episode 50: Seeking Sasquatch

For this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, we’re on the trail of something big. And hairy. Sasquatch. Numerous sightings of extremely large and hairy beings on two legs have been reported, many by First Nations folks in remote areas of … Continue reading

Episode 46: Yukon Osteologist Susan Moorhead Mooney

Susan Moorhead Mooney is an Osteologist, which I learned recently is the scientific study of bones. I can think of a few TV shows who should call her up, because she’s got some stories to share, and she does that … Continue reading

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