Entertainers 2012

Episode 78: Captain Dick Stevenson & the Sourtoe Cocktail

This week on My Yukon Life podcast radio, our special guest is the original Captain Dick Stevenson who created the Sourtoe Cocktail Club of Dawson City. By now, you may have heard that the toe used in the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail … Continue reading

Episode 87: Author John Firth & Musher Newton Marshall

This month’s podcast episode of My Yukon Life features special guest, author John Firth. During our discussion about his book One Mush, John talks about the journey Jamaican Iditarod sled dog musher Newton Marshall is taking to learn how to … Continue reading

Episode 84: Yukoner Magazine Stories

This week, we’re featuring some of our favorite stories from The Yukoner Magazine which ran for many years but is now out of print. Old issues are hard to come by and usually hoarded by whoever is lucky enough to … Continue reading

Episode 83: Yukon Music Medley

This week, we’re featuring some of our favorite Yukon musicians who have been our special guests since our first My Yukon Life podcast radio show back in early 2011. I encourage you to visit the podcast page of our website … Continue reading

Episode 73: Yukon Musician Fawn Fritzen

Our special guest is classic jazz musician Fawn Fritzen. She shares her Yukon life with My Yukon Life listeners and performs one of her original tunes for us; a sneak peak into her next CD. This podcast is sponsored by … Continue reading

Episode 66: Gold Mining Stories

On this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, I share stories with you from The Yukoner Magazine, now out of print and sorely missed by Yukoners everywhere. Old copies of the magazine are hard to find. Most people … Continue reading

Episode 60: Yukon Author Michael Gates

Our special guest is author and historian Michael Gates. Michael was one of our guests on Episode 23: Rediscovering Tagish Post about the 1898 gold rush stop for miners passing through Tagish on their way to Dawson City. Michael read … Continue reading

Episode 55: Yukon Author and Publisher Graham Wilson

Our special guest is author Graham Wilson. He’s the author of half a dozen historical books about the Yukon and Alaska, including The Klondike Gold Rush: Photographs from 1896-1899. He’s also the owner of the Yukon independent publishing house Friday 501. … Continue reading

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