Aviation 2012

Episode 77: George Balmer Survival Tips

George Balmer is a bush pilot who’s been on our show before. He was our special guest for Episode 67 when he took me flying in his homebuilt Van’s RV-8 two-seater aerobatic plane. You can listen to that episode on … Continue reading

Episode 67: Yukon Pilot & Aircraft Builder George Balmer

George Balmer knows all about Yukon aviation and its history, being an experienced bush pilot, aircraft restorer, and the former president of the Yukon’s Canadian Owners & Pilots Association (COPA Flight 106). George takes me over Whitehorse in his experimental/homebuilt, … Continue reading

Episode 61: UFO Investigator Lorraine Bretlyn

UFOs have been reported numerous times in the Yukon over the years. In one of the local Whitehorse newspapers, you’ll find an ad in the Personals for the UFO Hot Line. It says, “Report Yukon UFOs, bigfoot, spirit, etc.” A … Continue reading

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