January-March 2012

Episode 56: Northern Lights & Swans

We focus this week on the Northern Lights. Photographer Heather Jones, whose photos of the Northern Lights are often posted on My Yukon Life’s Facebook page, offers tips on capturing the lights on film. We also hear from a company … Continue reading

Episode 55: Yukon Author and Publisher Graham Wilson

Our special guest is author Graham Wilson. He’s the author of half a dozen historical books about the Yukon and Alaska, including The Klondike Gold Rush: Photographs from 1896-1899. He’s also the owner of the Yukon independent publishing house Friday 501. … Continue reading

Episode 54: Ione Christensen

Ione Christensen was the first woman Mayor of Whitehorse, the first woman to be appointed as Commissioner of the Yukon, and she took several other firsts as a woman. But even more fascinating about Ione than her political career, is … Continue reading

Episode 53: Iditarod Musher Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is a three-time veteran of the Yukon Quest. During his rookie year in 2008 he came in second. He is currently running in his twelfth Iditarod. Ken has taken 4th place in two previous Iditarod races; in 2008 … Continue reading

Episode 52: 14 Floors Beneath the Earth’s Surface

My Yukon Life podcast radio host Jennifer Hawks takes listeners inside the Aishihik hydro facility located in the mountains above Whitehorse. If you’ve ever seen an old Canadian $5 bill with a picture of Otter Falls on the reverse, they’re … Continue reading

Episode 51: 2012 Yukon Quest Wrap Up

This week on My Yukon Life podcast radio we hear from Sue Thomas, Executive Director of the Yukon Quest who’ll share some of the highlights from this race. Ken Anderson, three-time Yukon Quest veteran, also stops by and shares his … Continue reading

Episode 50: Seeking Sasquatch

For this week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, we’re on the trail of something big. And hairy. Sasquatch. Numerous sightings of extremely large and hairy beings on two legs have been reported, many by First Nations folks in remote areas of … Continue reading

Episode 49: The 2012 Yukon Quest

On this episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio, we jump into the middle of the 2012 Yukon Quest. It has a reputation as the most challenging sled dog race in the world. This year’s race kicked off Saturday, February … Continue reading

Episode 48: Gordon and Rose Toole

We visit the home of Gordon and Rose Toole who are in their 80’s now. On February 3, 1947, Gordon was one of four weathermen stationed at the Snag airport in Yukon, Canada. On that day, they recorded the temperature … Continue reading

Episode 47: Yukon Roller Girls

There are more than 1,000 amateur roller derby leagues in the world today, and most of the players are women. About a year and a half ago, the Yukon formed their own team, and now, when you attend one of … Continue reading

Episode 46: Yukon Osteologist Susan Moorhead Mooney

Susan Moorhead Mooney is an Osteologist, which I learned recently is the scientific study of bones. I can think of a few TV shows who should call her up, because she’s got some stories to share, and she does that … Continue reading

Episode 45: Yukon Artist and Homesteader Shiela Alexandrovich

Shiela Alexandrovich was born and raised in the Yukon, with lots of time “in the Bush” as we say up here. She lives off the grid on a small land cooperative situated on the banks of the pristine Wheaton River … Continue reading

Episode 44: Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race

The Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race takes place in Alaska. This year’s race begins January 7. Among others, 4-time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser will be competing, along with many other big names. The Knik 200 is … Continue reading

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