A Lynx Encounter of the Close Kind

Since I moved to the Yukon I’ve been lucky enough to see several lynx, and a few times I was fairly near to them. Lynx sightings are rare because they’re shy, cautious animals. That’s what makes this video of a lynx encounter of the close kind particularly surprising. http://vimeo.com/81534859

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My Yukon Life’s Online Store Now Open

My Yukon Life’s new online store is up at http://www.myyukonlife.com/store/. Select from a variety of Yukon-themed items including coffee mugs, t-shirts, coasters, cards and much more. Keep My Yukon Life podcasts free by shopping here for cool, inexpensive gifts.

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Watch Norman Winther in The Last Trapper

The Last Trapper is a docu-drama about Norman Winther, a Yukon trapper who lived in the bush outside of Dawson with his wife. Together, they lived off the land and endured many hardships.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Norman Winther for Episode 15 of My Yukon Life podcast radio. Norman talks about his life as a trapper and offers some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of The Last Trapper. You can listen to that podcast here:  http://www.myyukonlife.com/podcasts/episode-15-with-yukon-trapper-norman-winther/

If you haven’t seen The Last Trapper, you can watch it here:

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Do You Dream of the Yukon?

Do you dream of the Yukon? http://www.zazzle.com/i_dream_of_the_yukon_pillow-189333563205354844


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New: My Yukon Life Online Store

Just in time for the holidays! I’ve created an online store of Yukon- and My Yukon Life-themed merchandise. T-shirts, magnets, pet bowls, coasters, mugs, pillows, plates, tote bags, and playing cards. This is a great way to take the Yukon home with you AND support My Yukon Life. I’m working on integrating the online store with our website but for now, you can find everything at http://www.zazzle.com/myyukonlife.

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Kim Beggs on My Yukon Life Podcast Radio

Kim Beggs is one of my all-time favourite musicians, and it just so happens she’s also a Yukoner. Kim was one of my very first special guests on My Yukon Life podcast radio a few years ago, and she returns for December’s episode of My Yukon Life. Because of scheduling difficulties, Kim and I won’t be able to catch up with one another until early next week, but I’ll share that conversation, and more of her music from her newest CD Beauty and Breaking, as soon as possible. For now, enjoy this music video of Kim performing “Bring Out Your Bones” for CBC Radio 2.

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