It’s Warmed Up to -20F/-29C

It’s warmed up to -20F/-29C. I’m keeping an eye on the thermometer to see if it gets any warmer before I’m forced to go outside for more firewood. Four wheelbarrow loads ought to get me through until Friday morning when it’s supposed to warm up a little and snow. This morning I woke from a deep sleep because of the cold. I’d let the fire in the wood stove go out so the temperature was steadily dropping. It was 48F/9C in the living room, the warmest area of the house. If not for the underachieving old oil stove in the back room, I’m sure the pipes would have frozen. Outside it was -28F/-33C. I’ve been cranking the stove ever since but can’t get the temperature above 57F/14C. It’s ten degrees colder than that in the back room and only because the oil heater is keeping it from dropping even further.

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