In the Church of the Big Dipper

Sometime after midnight I stopped looking at the outdoor thermometer. The last reading I remember was -24F/-31C. Even with the wood stove blazing I could only get the front of the house warmed up to 56F/13C. The back of the house was ten degrees colder than that. I slept on the couch to feed the fire all night long and stared at the stars through the cathedral ceiling windows– it was like being in the Church of the Big Dipper. Awesome view.

Now it’s -18F/-28C outside. I’ll spend much of the day caulking more joints and seams and putting plastic up on the windows. It’s actually warmer inside than it was on the coldest days last year because of the work I’ve done on the house bit by bit since I bought it a year ago. By next winter, I’ll have this place super cosy warm. Might have to sleep on the couch anyway, just for the view.

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