Ingrid Wilcox: kayak & canoe racer, professional gardener, homesteader

This week’s episode of My Yukon Life podcast radio is now up! Step into the life of Ingrid Wilcox: champion kayak & canoe racer, professional gardener, Yukon homesteader.

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2 Responses to Ingrid Wilcox: kayak & canoe racer, professional gardener, homesteader

  1. Linda KEYSER says:

    I met Ingrid when we were in junior high. We were in Girl Scouts together and graduated high school together. WE complimented and balanced each other in our friendship. She was the adventurous one while I was always looking to be safe. During the summer of 1997, Ingrid offered me a chance to be adventurous. That summer I visited her, and had the chance to stand on the Arctic circle, kayak with the beaver, eat salmon freshly caught from the stream and sighted a grizzly bear, black bears, and a dozen bald eagles and 2 golden eagles. That was almost 15 years ago, but the memory lives on like it was yesterday! Ingrid is a great friend!

  2. Elizabeth Heynen says:

    What a wonderful episode. I worked for Ingrid for a few months in 2001 in the flower shop and she was one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. I learned so much from her and she just one of those rare genuine individuals, true Yukon gold!! Thanks for doing the interview!!

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