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Jennifer Hawks, host of My Yukon Life, first visited the Yukon in 1997 while on a solo road trip through parts of northern Canada. She felt an immediate connection with the Yukon Territory, as if she’d come home to a place she’d never been before.

Jennifer continued taking road trips through Canada every two years, eventually venturing north of the Arctic Circle.

In the winter of 2003, Jennifer enrolled in a Yukon flight school to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a licensed private pilot. Flying over glaciers and through remote mountain valleys was everything she’d ever hoped it would be. She has never left the north.

In addition to her hosting and production duties for My Yukon Life podcast radio, Jennifer is the CEO of Ground Effect Media (the parent company of My Yukon Life) which is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas.


Jennifer Hawks

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  1. Shyloh says:

    Hi Jennifer, I’m really glad you informed me about this website and the Facebook page yesterday. It looks great; I’ve already marked out some podcasts that I would like to view when I have time 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Hey Jennifer, Great Web Page! Look forward to seeing your progress with this project. Our dry wall is up, amazing, These guys did it so quickly, not Panamanian style. 7 hrs maybe 2,000 square feet of dry wall. I cried, I was so happy, to finally after so many years, 20 + to have my own space to do what I love best….. Feed people and make them happy. Food is happiness, friends are happiness, good wine is happiness. Hell, what’s there not to be happy about when you have good friend, good food and good wine. oh yeah !!! gosh health, I estimate 4 -6 weeks . It’s so exciting!!!

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